Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas M & B style - a recap

So it's been a while huh? Quite a long while to be (non) specific! Thanks for still checking in and reading and cooking though. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying some time off with friends and family. We had our usual family lunch and present exchange on Christmas day. It's mayhem now with all the kids being ages 1 to 11, but of course, where kids and Christmas are paired, it is absolute gorgeously fun mayhem.

To get back on track before the new year, we thought we would have kind of a Christmas recap. For this post I'll share some pictures from our family Christmas lunch. No recipes, just food. Glorious food (that said, if you must have some recipes, please ask and we will see what we can do!). M will also be posting some Christmas treat recipes she prepared over the last few weeks.

Our family are chronic over-caterer's as you will see, a total first-world problem I realise, but it's kind of all part and parcel of celebrating Christmas for us. It's a a time when we are all reflecting on being thankful for what we have and for our loved ones and celebrating the year with them. So with that in mind, I present Christmas Day, Maude and Betty-style!

Maude made a delicious chunky guacamole, despite her distaste for avocado and tomato. It was served with corn tortillas that had been shallow fried and dusted with smoked paprika. 

Maude also made a delicious and refreshing watermelon fruit punch.

There was the usual potato salad, but this time with a spicy hommus twist!

Right on-trend, quinoa made the cut for the menu this year. This was a white quinoa and roast vegetable and feta salad with a lemon and mint dressing.

Turkey and stuffing. Need I say more?

A garden salad with prosciutto, eggs and parmesan. We're a bit of a Caeser salad loving group.

A gingerbread house was also constructed by Maude and her cherubs (apologies for the blurry pic!)

A chocolate and ginger ice-cream tart made the dessert menu.

Donna Hay's trifle cake also made the menu

Of course, is any good old Aussie family Christmas day complete without an actual trifle?

And last but not least, that gingerbread house again. Poor gingerbread man!

Season's Greetings! B x