Friday, 25 March 2011

Banneton Bakery - bread for all occasions

Today's post (and photography!) is courtesy of M and B's mum and dad - and grandparents to M's munchkins. Granny and Poppy (as the munchkins call them) have a Saturday morning ritual of grocery shopping and coffee out somewhere. They get their priorities right in B's book - coffee first to help fight the crowds, and groceries second once you have your strength.

Granny and Poppy certainly have their favourite coffee haunts but recently favour Banneton Bakery, Balaclava St, the Gabba ( as their coffee stop on a Saturday morning. Banneton is home to wood-fired breads and a selection of pastries, with light meals and coffee available also. Poppy is addicted to their pumpkin scones and if he misses out on his Saturday fix, WATCH OUT! Banneton's pumpkin scones are to die for - nice, light and quite moist. Poppy clearly prefers his with lashings of butter (see below), whilst B goes all traditional and has jam and cream.

If you are after a variety of breads then Banneton  is the Bakery to head for. The sourdough New York rye is a clear favourite with both Granny and Poppy, followed closely by the ciabatta. B loves their rosemary and olive sourdough too.

I see what's happening here, Gran and Pop have gone all 'Ploughman's Lunch' on us from the photo below. Where was our invite?

Both these varieties make excellent sandwiches. They are also great for those special occiasions calling for dips, croutons, special bread salads or even just toast.


M & B's Granny & Poppy

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