Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Seared Beef Salad with Beans and Balsamic

Lessons learned from M & B's Mum: Don’t ever ignore the booklets attached to recipe books or even the freebies handed out by the supermarkets! This beef salad was a find in one of the Good Taste Woolworths free attachments. This quick dish is delicious and suitable for both, a dinner party or a mid-week family meal.
I tend to agree with the Good Food editor Michelle Southan when she says “the secret to making gourmet happen at home is the fresh seasonal produce”.
This salad has a tangy flavour, is very satisfying and is healthy to boot. Prep and cooking time is just 15 to 20 minutes. What more can we ask for.

Ingredients (Serves 4)
200g green round beans trimmed
Olive oil spray
4 x beef sirloin steaks (about 125g ea) or other tender steak
1 treviso lettuce or bunch rocket (leaves separated and coarsely torn
400g can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
½ cup fresh continental parsley leaves
40g low-fat feta crumbled
2 tbls balsamic vinegar
1 tbls fresh lemon juice

Cook green beans until tender crisp. Refresh under cold water and set aside.
Chargrill steak for 2 minutes each side or to your liking. Rest meat for 3 minutes under foil.
Slice beef thinly and combine in a bowl with green beans, lettuce or rocket, cannellini beans, parsley and feta. Drizzle combined balsamic and lemon juice over and season with cracked pepper.

M & B Mum and Dad have declared this “a do again salad”!


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